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About Us

The River Herring Network is a fairly new organization.  See the History page for more details. 

The overall goal of this loosely formed organization is to support the work of herring wardens and town herring committees, and to promote the restoration of river herring populations and their habitat.

Decisions about activities for the year are made by a fifteen member Steering Committee. Anyone who is interested can join the Committee.

The three main goals of the Network are to:

1. -Facilitate communication among herring wardens, herring count volunteers, watershed organizations, and state and federal agencies.

2. -Provide forums to hear and discuss management issues, research updates, and local projects from relevant local, state, and federal agencies and organizations.

3. -Gather useful information from academic institutions, state and federal agencies and non-profits and distribute it to wardens and volunteers

The ultimate goal is to do work that will increase the numbers of alewife and blueback herring in the waters of Massachusetts. As the organization continues to grow, the mission, goals, and activities may change. We hope you will toss some of your ideas into the pond.