About Us

The River Herring Network is a new organization, currently at the young herring fry stage of life. Although it has existed in the minds of many folks for many years, it got its formal start in January of 2011 with the award of a grant from the Massachusetts Bays Program to the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen's Association. The four member Project Team has been meeting twice a month since May, and seeks review and input from a nine member Steering Committee. So far, the three main goals of the Network are to;

1. Facilitate communication among herring wardens and other river herring enthusiasts.

2. Support herring wardens in their role as active participants in fisheries management processes.

3. Document and communicate the natural and cultural history of the herring runs.

The ultimate goal is to do work that will increase the numbers of alewife and blueback herring in the waters of Massachusetts. As the organization grows, the mission, goals and activities may change. We hope you will toss some of your ideas into the pond.


Read the first blog post about the vision of the Network by Jeff Hughes.