Best Management Practices

Below is the most recent draft of the Best Maintenance/Management Practices. Work to create this document was begun at the first annual meeting (October 19, 2011) of the River Herring Network.  Forty herring wardens, natural resource officers, herring count coordinators and volunteers, and state and town natural resource agents participated in a breakout session.  Participants were asked to think about what information they would want to pass on to the next herring warden, or think about what information they wish the previous warden had told them. Six general topics were written on flip charts, and participants spent 6-8 minutes at each chart brainstorming within a group.  The results were gathered and compiled into this list of questions. 

River Herring Network BMPs Template

Resources and Guidance for Writing a River Herring Management/Maintenance plan 12-18-12


Other resources to guide best management practices:

Cranberry Bogs - Cape Cod Cranberry Growers' Association Anadromous Fish Information Sheet - 2004

Identifying aquatic invasive species: