AROUND TOWN: Be an NSRWA herring counter 3-17-16

AROUND TOWN: Be an NSRWA herring counter
icked Local Norwell

By Kristen Jervey

Posted Mar. 17, 2016 at 4:18 PM

Herring have started to run on the south coast - they will be here soon!
Please help the North & South River Watershed monitor their populations; volunteer to be a herring counter! Sign up now for a training to become a herring counter.
Every year the NSRWA recruits dozens of volunteers to help count herring throughout the watershed, and the herring counts have become a much-anticipated start to the season and a harbinger of spring.
Volunteers are crucial for documenting the populations of herring in different parts of the watershed, which helps verify and validate restoration projects and provide a record of herring status that can be compared and contrasted with similar data along the Massachusetts coast and beyond.
To learn more go to http

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