Name of River (s)

Monument and Red Brook

Name of Warden

Tim Mullen

Governing Body

Board of Selectmen

Name of Count Organizer

Tim Mullen

Name of Watershed Group


Contact Phone Number


Email contact

  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Status of Run


The Monument River passage is the most prolific in Bourne and at one time one of the more prolific in the state. According to preliminary numbers from DMF, the run was down significantly this year. It had been on the upswing from 2005-2009 and in 2010 was on the decline and as far as we know 2011 will be a decrease from 2010. The Red Brook run is for all intents and purposes defunct. There were less than 100 fish counted there this year. There have little or no fish reported there in the last ten years.


Current Project



Volunteer Opportunities

Currently, Americorps Volunteers assist with the spring clean up of our passages. Mass Bay Program Volunteers assisted this season with counting at Red Brook. 




Date Last Updated

March 30, 2015