Name of River (s)

 Monatiquot & Fore Rivers

Name of Warden


Governing Body

Name of Count Organizer


Name of Watershed Group

 Fore River Watershed Association

Contact Phone Number

Kelly- 781-794-8233

Email contact

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Status of Run


Current Project

 Continue to work with a private dam owner, Division of Marine Fisheries and the Town to identify funding for dam removal on the Monatiquot. Also, the Town continues to work with DMF on issues surrounding installation of a fish ladder which would provide herring access to the reservoir.


Videos of volunteers helping the herring in the Monatiquot River pass up to their desired spawning habitat, Great Pond Reservoir:

Volunteer Opportunities

 A spring clean-up along river was completed in early April 2014. This is intended to be an annual event.


 icon Mills and Muskrats on the Monatiquot

Date Last Updated

April 18, 2014