Name of River (s)

Westport River

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Governing Body

Westport Fish Commissioners

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Name of Watershed Group

Westport River Watershed Alliance,

Westport Fishermen's Association

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Status of Run

The River Road Herring Run is 0.1 miles long and runs from Cockeast Pond into the Westport River.  pond is 99 acres and has residences and a golf course located along its shores. There is a cement culvert that carries the herring run underneath River Road that had restoration work in January 201.  Before the restoration work, the culvert was set as such an angle that herring could not enter at certain tides and there was not much tidal exchange.  The culvert was set incorrectly in 2006 and led to Cockeast Pond becoming a freshwater pond during that time.  A group of concerned individuals and organizations teamed up with the town of Westport and the culvert was removed and then reset to a 1% grade.  There is now good tidal exchange, the salinity of the pond was 10ppt at the last time tested, and the herring are able to move freely through the culvert at all times. 

No part of the system is within a cranberry bog.  There are thick areas of phragmites along much of the pond and alongside part of th eherring run as well.  there is also marsh grass that is growing up through the middle of the herring run. 

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Volunteer Opportunities

spring herring run monitoring program


Date Last Updated

Oct 25, 2011