Do you want to serve on the River Herring and Shad Advisory Panel?

The Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council is accepting applications for the new River Herring and Shad Advisory Panel.

Applications are due by midnight on February 28th.  Application Instruction Are HERE

The Council is soliciting applications from qualified individuals to serve on its newly-formed river herring and shad advisory panel (AP). Advisors will assist in the development of management measures to support the conservation of river herring (alewives and blueback) and shad (American and hickory) populations.

A first-ever incidental catch cap for river herring and shad catch in the Atlantic mackerel fishery will be implemented in early this year. A Council River Herring and Shad Committee will oversee efforts to improve the information about how the catch cap should be set. The committee will also investigate other opportunities for the Council to engage in river herring and shad conservation. The advisory panel will provide stakeholder input to the Committee and the Council on these and other river herring and shad issues.

Members of the Council's eight advisory panels include commercial and recreational fishermen, dealers and processors, non-governmental organizations, scientists, and members of the public. Most of the Council's advisory panels meet 2-3 times per year. Members are compensated for travel and per diem expenses for all meetings. All interested stakeholders are encouraged to apply.