2015 River Herring Festivals - A Great Success!

Congratulations to the organizers of the Middleborough and Plymouth Herring Festivals! 

Both events were well attended and were great opportunities for area people and families to celebrate the end of winter and the return of the herring.  At both events I heard volunteers educating people who were excited about the fish, but didn’t quite have their facts straight about where the herring were going, where they were coming from, and what exactly they were doing.  The volunteers were excellent at patiently and enthusiastically answering questions. The Middleboro Gazette reported that 6,595 people attended across the April 11&12 weekend and the estimate for Plymouth attendees was about 1,300 across the April 25&26 weekend.  I attended both and had a great time.  Watching herring while drinking lemonade and eating locally made baked goods was the perfect antidote to the long winter.

-Abby Franklin Archer